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Living Conditions

After the war.

To date, ‘sanitation’ remains a major problem in these areas. There is still no access to proper drinking water; as a result, people drink unclean water making them prone to diseases such as cholera, typhoid and other water born diseases. Further, there are no proper toilet facilities, consequently pits are dug everywhere in the bushes in the place of toilets, encouraging the breeding of all types of diseases and making these pits dangerously infectious.

Furthermore, educational facilities are lagging behind, because parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Children as young as ages 3-4years old resort to petty trading on the streets with the intention of helping the parents out or as a means of livelihood. Goods sold are usually of inferior quality and many a time does not yield many profits to provide them with even a day’s meal let alone pay their school fees. This channel of survival ‘compromises’ the education of the child and most times the children finally lose hope and accept the fact that all they will ever become are petty traders, people of little significance or resort to crime & prostitution. Lack of adequate shelter is also a major problem especially for both healthy and sickly children and their families. This escalates the spread of disease and child abuse. There is again the lack of skilled workers as a majority of the inhabitants have either been killed or fled the village altogether. As a direct result of this effect, the people residing in Waterloo currently are unemployed and the ones that are employable can only do menial jobs hence a low wage.

Building a Future

Latest building update from BIH.

New building updates about our school, church, orphanage and hospital facilities.

To the right you can see how the buidings are taking shape as they are built from the ground up.

Teaching the next generation

BIH school welcomes first students.

Some new pictures, information of our new school, students and teaching.

Charity Run

Running for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Ben Gaba (the founder's son) is seen here running for leukaemia and lymphoma research, to raise money for these cancer disease.

As you can see not only did Ben run and raise money for these worth while causes, Ben also finished with a winners medal.