Our Mission:
“To help as many children as possible become part of a safe and loving family environment, and to empower each child in Waterloo
(Sierra Leone) with adequate education in order to fulfil their purpose within life”

Bethany International House For Children.


A charity dedicated to helping children in Waterloo (Sierra Leone).

Our charity is working to rescue the orphaned and under privilege children of Waterloo village who’s situation is a result of the Rebel War. We are helping to provide accommodation and education to develop a new generation that will take responsibility for themselves and their community.


What we do.

How your help can make a real difference.

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    Why we need help

    8 Years of civil war has left child victims. The child survivors have lost parents and homes to the horrors of war. Some children fought as soldiers, losing their childhood, brainwashed into killing and violence. Many cannot read or write and have little chance of having a stable future.

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    A better life

    These children crave a new life, a normal life. We are working to give these children an education and a future. We are working to give them a chance for something better. Through education, accommodation, healthcare and support, these children can achieve their full potential and live full lives.

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    We need you!

    This is where you step in. We need the support of people like yourself to be able to give these children their lives back. Many people in western society take their lives for granted, but just a small donation can make a big difference to these children's lives.

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    How you can get involved

    You can use the donate links available to donate any sum you wish. Or, you can visit our online store to purchase any of our products to help spread awareness of our cause.

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Who Is Behind BIH?

Miss Susan Benjamin

Established the Charity.

The Every Child Organisation (ECO, 2004) states that for children to achieve, five stages are to be met: “keeping Safe, Staying Healthy, Enjoying , and also Achieving economic well-being whilst contributing to society and the world they live in”. We believe in equipping the child for the future, according to the saying “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish in order to feed himself for a life time”


To raise children with good moral values and principles.

To help them become good independent and law abiding citizens in their communities. It is our intention to nurture and care for the children’s well being. We believe that children are the future and therefore if we invest and provide them with the best, it sure will enhance their quality of life and provide them with a better understanding and knowledge of the world.


Give these children a sense of belonging.

A place they can call home, feel safe and secure. As we believe in the significance of the family and therefore, we believe every child should be part of a safe loving family environment. Research shows that children who grow up without love and care tend not to develop to their full potential. It is for this purpose, that Bethany International House for Children has acquired 5acres of land in Waterloo village in which we intend to start the process of building a school and an orphanage that will house children from age zero and above.


Providing basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare and shelter.

To add, in relation to providing the very basics for the children, it is also our aim to set up facilities such as: a primary school, a nursery, an orphanage for children of war victims and a health clinic.